The age of early menopause is considered to be anything before thirty-five. Most women do not start going through menopause until at least after the age of forty, so anything before this is pretty much a complete surprise. Now unfortunately, doctors are not able to determine, in most cases, what the cause of early menopause is.

There are however, some great options for early menopause treatment, so at least you can feel grateful about this. Early menopause treatment aims to relieve the womans symptoms so that she can get back to living her life and be as comfortable as possible until this stage of her life is over.

It is important to be aware of the different early menopause treatment options that are out there and available to you before making any decisions, even with your doctors recommendations. You want to be aware of what is accessible to you and this is important to make sure that you are making the best decision in your case.

Treatment Options

Hormone therapy is one of the most commonly used treatments on women who are going through early menopause. The point of this treatment is to increase the level of certain hormones that are lacking in the womans body, so that she can feel healthier, more like her old self. You will need to work closely with your doctor through this treatment process, because they are going to have to constantly be checking your levels.

There are alternatives to hormone therapy as well, if you would prefer a more natural early menopause treatment. Using low-dose vaginal estrogen is one way of going about it, and this is going to help reduce vaginal dryness and irritation and help with hot flashes as well. This is not hormone therapy and so it is not nearly as destructive on the body.

There are also lots of other lubricants and moisturizers that you can use on your body and which will help you to deal with the dryness of the vagina while you are going through menopause.

The most important thing is that you take the time to learn about menopause, what you are going through, and only when you understand what you are dealing with are you going to be able to deal with it appropriately. At least it is nice to know that there are some very helpful, effective treatments that you can use to deal with your early menopause.