Having monthly periods is a female thing, when a woman sees her monthly period regularly and timely, she stays in shape both internally and externally. An irregular period also known as “Oligomenorrhea,” is when a womans monthly bleeding is apart from the normal regular cycle, her periods are heavier or longer than normal. At times her periods might be absent or she would bleed between periods.

Causes of irregular menstruations are:

oExtreme exercises and over exercising
oBirth control drugs or pills

This article will inform you of three methods of treating irregular menstruation, these three methods are:

1)Herbal Remedies

Herbs are one of the most popular methods of curing irregular periods (and other ailments) because herbs have healing properties that not only treats a particular ailment but also provide overall well-being too. Herbs are safe and 100 percent natural. Herbs that are known to cure irregular periods include:
Parsley: good ole parsley! It can be bought at your nearest grocery store. You can use the dried up parsley to brew tea and drink 3 to 4 cups in order to stimulate delayed period. You can also use fresh parsley to achieve the same effect, just put a handful of fresh parsley in a pot of hot or boiled water and allow it to steep for about 20 or 30 minutes, strain and viola! It is ready to drink.

Ginger: this is a good stimulating herb, so it is advised not to use this herb right before bedtime because it might make you perspire, or it might make you experience a hot flash. Grate fresh ginger and boil in fresh water for about 20 minutes, remove from the stove/heat and allow to cool a little and drink up. You can also use powdered ginger if you like.
Please note people who have a history of gall stones should be careful when using ginger.

These herbs (below) can be used by following the above examples:

2)Medical Treatment

Some people have a lot of faith in orthodox medicine and would settle for nothing “less”.

oHormone supplements: women with hormonal issues are usually administered hormone supplements; that is, if a womans body over produces testosterone, these hormone supplements will help these women normalise their menstrual periods.

oHormonal contraceptives: these pills are known to normalise irregular menstruation, however these drugs can only be bought with a doctors prescription slip.

3)Lifestyle Changes

Some people might just need to change their lifestyles in order to cure their irregular periods.

oReduce stress: avoid anything that will cause you to get stressed out. Find time to relax and take it easy, doing this might get your period back without fuss.

oSeek professional help: if you suffer from an eating disorder see your doctor, he or she will see to it that you get help for this problem.

Dont engage in strenuous exercises: a good exercise routine is good but if it is too strenuous and causes your periods to become irregular, it is time to take some time-out from those exercises, until your period returns back to normal.