Lip gloss is one of the most common cosmetic products used by women. Lip gloss is jell like substance that moist lip, providing a shining look and also protects lip from dryness. It can be applied with lipstick or it can wear alone. Before selecting the best lip gloss, you must be aware of different type of lip glosses available. There are several lip glosses available including shiny lip glosses and creamy lip glosses. Lip gloss generally contains ingredients such as glycerin, Aloe Vera, vitamin E and oil ingredients. Lip gloss with oil ingredient can provide shininess to lips and a lustrous look.

Different shades of lip glosses are available in different colors and finishes. Various sparkling lip glosses such as slight sparkling and extreme sparkling lip glosses are available. Slight sparkling is best for women of all ages. Extreme sparkle lip gloss is ideal for teenage girls. Neutral tone lip glosses are best for office going women. Always choose bold color lip gloss for evening outings and parties. You can choose the right lip gloss that matches your lip color.

If you are unhappy with your thin lips, you can use lip plumpers. Lip plumper is used to plump lip temporarily that last for a few hours. It will reduce wrinkled lines on lip and increase blood flow to the lips. Lip plumpers are usually made of cinnamon, wintergreen, and ginger oils. They are available in cream, gel and liquid forms. Cream-based limp plumpers are best to use. Always choose lip plumper with moisturizing ingredients.

You can choose the best lip glosses and lip plumpers from online stores. As the lip plumbers contain harsh and dry ingredients, it is best to go through product reviews before buying them. Online product testimonials will also help you to choose the best lip plumpers.