Grow Your Breasts Naturally

Increasing your breast size naturally is possible. So, if you are thinking about undergoing a medical procedure to increase your breast size, then you might want to read this short article first. Who knows, it might change your mind. Below are two effective methods that you can do to help increase your breast size naturally.

Method #1: Mind what you eat.

Food plays a big role in developing your breast. Personally, this is one of my favorite natural methods of increasing my breast size as I get to eat delicious food and maintain my overall health at the same time. Below is the list of food that naturally enhances the breasts. Reminder: To be able to get the best results, you should make sure that you balance your diet.

– Sweets, desserts or any food with sugar

– Chicken and other meat products with growth hormones

– Fresh or uncooked fruits and vegetables

– Black olives and olive oil

– Soya and all its byproducts

– Leaves of celery and dill

– Edible flowers and seeds (like sunflower)

– Roasted peanuts and nut heart

Try to incorporate these foods in your meal for six months and you will see some noticeable change in your breast size. Get plenty of servings of these foods but, like what I’ve said, balance your diet so you wouldn’t have to worry about your waist line after.

Method #2: Massage your breasts.

Another very effective method of increasing your breast size naturally is by massaging it. It is important that you know the proper way to massage your breast to be successful in using this method. Below are the steps to help you massage your breasts the right way.

– Before massaging your breasts, you have to be in a sensual mood to let the hormones out. Hormones help increase your breast size naturally. They will appear fuller and perkier if you do this method everyday.

– When you have entered the right state of mind, massage your breasts in a circular motion. It is important that you apply a little bit of pressure to help release your hormones.

– You can also use oils to lessen the friction. Using oils from wheat germs and dill will help amplify the effects of the breast massage. Note: Do not use massage oils if you have breast inflammation or sensitive skin as it might have negative effects.