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Body Changes in Perimenopause

During perimenopause many these eleven body systems require special care and support.

Immune functions -Supporting the immune functions buffers against the possible weakening effects of long-term grief on immunity. Women may experience this long-term grief reaction strongly or more subtly as a response to a perceived loss in menstruation or in response to the approach of menopause. Furthermore, it is important to support immune functions because of the possibility that estrogen may make a women’s immune responses so sensitive that they attack her own body tissues.

Pituitary – The pituitary assists in stimulating all the glands of the body and releases FSH and LH. FSH and LH act directly on the ovaries to promote the development and enlargement of the follicles. In the post-menopausal years, the pituitary is responsible for secreting higher levels of FSH and LH. This post-menopausal increased production of FSH and LH results in more consistently elevated brain levels of these two hormones. Some think that these elevated brain levels of FSH and LH acting as neurotransmitters in the brain may be the mechanisms for the increased intuitiveness and awareness of post- menopausal women.

Adrenal glands – In the menopausal years the adrenal glands are important for balanced energy production and for the production of small amounts of testosterone from a precursor hormone called adrostenedione. The secretion of these small amounts of androgens (testosterone being one hormone from this class of hormones) help maintain the female sex drive, build bone and muscle strength and increase vaginal lubrication and elasticity. Androgens promote general well-being for the rest of a womens life. The production of testosterone is thought by some to facilitate the developing assertiveness in post-menopausal women.

Pancreas – is responsible for the production of balanced sugar levels that may become unbalanced by loss of estrogen. Frequent and rapid changes in blood sugar may play havoc with emotional responses.

Nervous system – The nervous system may need extra support in order to cope with and compensate for the effects of all the hormonal revamping that occurs in menopause.

Brain functions – Memory, concentration, and attention functions may become unbalanced by the changes in hormone levels.

Liver – During the perimenopausal years it is important that the liver is strong and healthy so that it can metabolize and break down estrogen and its by-products. The liver is responsible for transforming the main type of estrogen, called estradiol, into other forms of estrogen. Estradiol in too high amounts or for too prolonged a period of time may be carcinogenic. The liver prevents excessive build-up of estradiol in the blood circulation by inactivating it. When the liver is healthy the conversion of estradiol occurs efficiently.

Digestive processes – Poorly functioning digestion stimulates the growth of certain types of bacteria in the intestinal tract. These bacteria chemically change the breakdown products of estrogen into forms that can be reabsorbed back into the body. This elevates the levels of estrone and estradiol in the bloodstream. These elevated levels of estrone and estradiol may be carcinogenic to certain sensitive tissue such as breast, ovarian, and uterine tissue.

Natural Cure for Menopause Signs and Symptoms

Menopause is the stage of women’s life where they no longer menstruate or get pregnant. It is a very natural process related to hormonal, physical and psychosocial changes in women’s life. It usually affects women somewhere between the ages of 40 and 60. Due to the fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone hormones, most women will experience some symptoms associated with menopause during this phase of life.

Common signs and symptoms of menopause include low sex drive, bloating and weight gain, headaches, mood swings, fuzzy thinking, memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, depression, tender breasts, insomnia, water retention, irregular periods and excessive menstrual bleeding.

Although menopause is a very natural stage of life that all women go through, various symptoms associated with it can be annoying. Some women encounter many of those bothersome symptoms. Other women suffer just few symptoms while some others experience none at all.

Natural cure for signs and symptoms of menopause

In an effort to lessen the discomfort associated with this natural occurrence, many women turn toward natural cure for menopause symptoms to avoid side-effects of traditional treatments for menopause signs. Below are several natural remedies to help control many signs and symptoms of menopause.
Try to relax by adopting breathing techniques to soothe and calm your body.
Use natural fibers like cotton or wool for clothing and bedding to help with hot flashes and night sweats.
St. John’s Wart supplement is believed to help many women to be less irritable, less depressed, and even energized.
Kava kava and valerian can reduce moodiness.
Black cohosh can help with hot flashes, cramps, and heavy menstrual bleeding.
Chasterberry also can help with hot flashes as well as vaginal dryness.

Other menopause natural cures are acupuncture, aromatherapy, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and improved sleeping habits, which can help relax the mind and body as well as maintain a healthy balance. Proper room temperature, use of cotton betting and a comfortable mattress, use of air purifier to freshen the air, etc. all can help make each night a more restful one.

While going through menopause can be annoying and irritating, especially with all the symptoms associated with it, there is hope. Many options from traditional HRT to various natural cures for menopause symptoms such as relaxation techniques are available to help alleviate, or even eliminate the signs and symptoms of menopause. You can learn more about menopause and perimenopause symptoms, as well as physician-recommended natural remedies to reduce symptoms of perimenopause and menopause at PerimenopauseSymptoms.Org.

Handling Menopause with the Aid of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

For hundreds of years, women have been compelled by society to follow idealized standards of womanhood. Anything that implied the contrary was usually kept secret because it often ignited social stigma. Unfortunately, anything suppressed frequently comes out as the ladies conclude their reproductive years and enter the menopausal period. Following the onset of menopause, the entire body turns into a different entity-just like how it was at the onset of puberty.

Menopause takes place when a woman’s ovaries discontinue functioning, causing an unexpected change in hormone levels, which then causes psychological and physiological changes. Some changes consist of hot flashes, itchiness of the skin, and joint problems. Hormonal changes likewise cause swift changes in moods that can affect interactions with other people, especially a woman’s companion and loved ones.

Luckily, you’ll find medical institutions that prescribe menopausal ladies with medicines that relieve the signs of menopause-which are primarily psychological issues like extreme depression and irritability. You can also get medications for joint pain and vaginal dryness. While these are definitely beneficial, there are many solutions that deal with the source of the problem.

Some doctors recommend “estrogen pills” or selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs). These medicines are proven to lessen the risk of osteoporosis and breast cancer. Even so, some medical professionals have raised considerations that these drugs might cause adverse long-term side effects for women that no longer have adequate estrogen to regulate some physiological functions.

Hormone therapy, for example, introduces new estrogen in the female body to keep it working with some estrogen to lessen some symptoms. This is commonly employed and has made menopause a considerably less stressful stage for a lot of middle-aged women. Bioidentical hormone therapy pertains to substances derived from biological sources instead of synthetic ones.

Bioidentical therapy is deemed safer for patients since there is fewer probability of coming across problems. This is because the body can easily accept a natural compound, like hormones, coming from another living being. Bioidentical hormones for menopause are estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. They are all sexual hormones which gonads (reproductive organs) yield. These are derived from Mexican yam and soybeans.

On the other hand, even though the bioidentical hormones menopause sufferers require have aided numerous women, there is minimal definitive proof that it’s necessarily less dangerous or more efficient than “synthetic” medicine. By all means, women can take a look at various ways to relieve the signs of menopause. However, it is best for such women to talk to their physicians first concerning these symptoms and the required treatment. There are many ways women can get information: they may contact various obstetrician-gynecologists, read textbooks, or use the Internet. For more information please read

Exercise One of the Best Drug Free Menopause Remedies

Aside from the natural and organic methods to relieve disturbing symptoms of menopause, exercise is considered as one of the best drug free menopause remedies– even for early menopause. When women reach the menopausal stage, physiological changes occur and there is the gradual cessation of menstruation. They get to experience unusual symptoms that this phenomenon brings.

Last 2005, a group of Canadian researchers conducted a study with findings that regard exercise as a possible menopausal treatment. They found out that women who regularly exercise were less likely to experience the discomforts of menopausal symptoms, compared with inactive women. In addition, they also noticed that inactive middle-aged are more prone to develop metabolic complexities and related disorders.

Related illnesses that can arise from such metabolic complexities include heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, excessive weight gain that can lead to obesity, increase in blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, high blood sugar that can result to less absorption of insulin-and may further result to complete resistance.

Moreover, the Canadian researchers found that even just a short amount of exercise can result in favorable changes in postmenopausal women. Even in these modern times, gynecologists and experts in women’s health and wellbeing suggest increasing the likelihood of including exercise in their menopausal clients’ daily activities.

It has been theorized that menopausal women who include exercise in their daily routine are less likely to be prescribed medication to alleviate symptoms of menopause. Many women have attested to that and hence, exercise has been truly considered the best natural drug free menopause remedy.

Another study has also been conducted in Germany and it was confirmed that engaging in a routine of aerobics exercises helps lower the risk of obesity in women. Strength and flexibility training can not only trim the waistlines of women, but also help in maintaining their bone densities.

When women are about to experience their first menopausal symptoms, it is better to seek medical consultation. Proper assessments must first be done for health care experts to be able to provide safe and sound treatments, with regard to the specific condition. And in conclusion, exercises need to be included in daily routines, together with safe and advised drug free menopause remedies.

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Interesting Facts About Natural Cures And Menopause Symptoms

Changing hormone levels in the female reproductive system is the real cause of the irritating menopause symptoms. 70% of women have to take care of these symptoms while getting close to menopause. In many instances, menopause symptoms begin to appear during pre-menopause stage or at around the age of 40. The symptoms progressively get more extreme as a woman gets closer to menopause.

Here are some of the common menopause symptoms:ms:

1. Hot and cold flashes – These are surprising attacks of heat or warmth which can cause redness on face and upper body.

2. Night sweating – So called as it is generally encountered through the night where one perspires to a great extent while asleep.

3. Vaginal dryness – Another symptom connected with menopause causing deterioration of genitals which makes it rough and thin. This kind of symptom could also make genital area susceptible to yeast and bacterial infections.

4. Irregular menstrual cycle – A typical symptom of menopause in which one has very quick period of bleeding and could have significant bleeding on another cycle. There are also periods where a woman doesn’t have any bleeding on date.

5. Mood swings – Temporary mood changes that are quite evident as a woman draws near menopause therefore making the behaviour of a female really unpredictable.

Some other symptoms incorporate hair loss, loss of concentration, memory lapses, fatigue, dizziness, weight gain, and brittle nails. These signs and symptoms can happen to anyone and of many health concerns yet are also experienced by women on menopausal stage. Severe headaches, breast pain or softness, aching joints and change in body color are also menopause related symptoms which have been not clearly evident unless of course accompanied by various other symptoms.

There are a lot of menopause symptoms that differ from one woman to the other. Sadly, many women tolerate these symptoms acidly being not completely knowledgeable that there happen to be natural remedies which could control and make these symptoms acceptable without any unwanted effect. Addition of soybeans and isoflavones on your diet could be beneficial in minimizing several symptoms of menopause. The soy proteins give estrogen to the body which gets scarce when a woman approaches menopause. Furthermore, chaste berry can regulate mood swings and breast pain because it prevents prolactin hormone in the body.

You may also wish to take into account a natural menopause treatment which can truly minimize the impact of pain and soreness. A couple of clicks on your mouse provide you wonderful health breakthroughs that may alleviate menopause symptoms.

Becoming Aware Of Menopause Symptoms

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